Repairing the Foundation

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Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML)


College of Christian Ministries and Religion


Department of Christian Ministries and Religion

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Brian M. Kelly Ph.D.


The current religious climate is one of division amongst various religious beliefs and faiths. This document will consider the views of the American Founders in relation to today’s religious climate. Over the past 200 years, America’s religious beliefs have developed in a manner that covers the entire doctrinal spectrum. The American Founders took specific positions in regards to religion and society; a position that focused on God rather than religious or denominational views. This position is supported by historical documents of the Founders in comparison to transitional time periods where each segment of time had eroded the influence of religion on society. For the church of God to return to a position of influence in today’s culture, church leaders should consider returning to the basic principles outlined by people such as Washington and Jefferson. These principles include an idea of Godly holiness and worship, regardless of faith.

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