A Case Study in the Implementation of Missional Principles for Church

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Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML)


College of Christian Ministries and Religion


Department of Christian Ministries and Religion

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Brian M. Kelly Ph.D.


Church planting has been in practice since the time of the writing of the New Testament during the formation of the early church. From the early days of the Apostle Paul to planters who are launching churches today, church planters continue to play a vibrant role in fulfilling the mission of the expansion of Christianity.

Church planting as a discipline does not come in a one size fits-all package. Church planting methods are as diverse as the planters who birth new ministries. This study will analyze some of the diverse church planting trends currently being utilized today in America. This study seeks to provide prospective church planters and current church leaders with a basic summary of not only the current trends in church planting, but also a case study of a recently planted church.

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