Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Dr. Jeremy Cummings


Family structure has always been an integral part of the nurturing of children and adolescents. In the past fifty years, the number of stepfamilies formed after remarriage superseded the number of stepfamilies following the death of a parent. These new stepfamilies contribute to a more challenging adjustment for children and adolescents as they figure out the role the new stepparent plays in their life, in addition to the non-residential biological parent. This study surveyed undergraduate students at a private university in the United States using a positive and negative interaction questionnaire and family harmony measure. The researcher attempted to find factors that would relate to harmonious family functioning. Results found that a supportive stepparent relationship and intentionally discussing changes with the children prior to the remarriage were especially helpful, as well as mitigating negative interactions with parents and new stepfamily