Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Classical Studies

Thesis Advisor

Dr. Anita Simpkins

Committee Professor

Dr. David Masterson


Order, structure, and patterns are found in English grammar; however, they are not taught as essentials under a modern pedagogical approach. The classical Christian methodology of education not only teaches the student to recognize these attributes, but also utilizes order, structure, and patterns in the teaching methods themselves. In a world in which education is clearly in decline, a reassessment of educational methods is necessary. This work considers three models of education: modern, classical, and classical Christian. Within each of these pedagogies, the methods used to recognize order, structure, and patterns are also identified. In addition, the results of a case study are discussed. This study included utilization of the classical Christian model of education to encourage recognition of order, structure, and patterns in English grammar. Results of this case study indicate that the classical Christian model of education is the better model both in recognition of those attributes in English grammar and in utilizing order, structure, and patterns in the classical Christian model itself.

Keywords: English grammar, classical Christian education, order, structure, patterns