Date of Award

Spring 2024

Document Type

Term Paper




College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Primary Advisor

Dr. Rosalind Goodrich


This paper examines how background music influences productivity in classroom settings.

thorough research has shown that music does stimulate the brain (Rickard & McFerran, 2011) but due to limitations in research, a general consensus on how it affects a person’s productivity cannot be drawn (de la Mora Velasco & Hirumi, 2020). The study attempted to address the limitations noticed across multiple studies: (1) specification of how background music is manipulated during the study (2) number of participants (3) testing only in educational settings and (4) effects of background music on conceptual learning. It was expected that background music would be an aid in increasing students’ productivity in classrooms. While the results of the study showed no statistical significance, most students appreciated the background music.