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INTRODUCING THE POWELLS: SEU’S NEW CAMPUS PASTORS James and Brittany Powell are SEU’s new campus pastors. Beginning in the summer of 2021, James stepped into the role of executive director for spiritual formation, and Brittany started serving as the director of ministry operations. The Powells have been working side by side in ministry roles across the country since 2011.

MEET LEXI — SEU’S CERTIFIED THERAPY DOG Lexi is Southeastern’s very own certified therapy dog who resides in the university’s tutoring center. During the academic year, Lexi is available to meet with students, staff and faculty with no appointment necessary.

FORD CREATES POSITIVE CHANGE ON AND OFF THE COURT Fire men’s basketball player Devon Ford took the initiative to create positive change not only among his own team, but also among the entire Lakeland community. Through honest discussions and outreach events, Devon worked to make a lasting impact on his teammates, fellow students and community members.

FROM BUILDING COMPUTERS TO BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS What began as a self-taught hobby for Joseph “Joe” Lamb in the ’90s led to a successful career in information technology and business management. Overseeing companies large and small, Joe has owned and operated businesses of his own. His most recent venture is known as RedVine Operations, a platform he created to provide mentoring and coaching services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

HOLLY SHORT — MINISTRY IN THE MILITARY Although it wasn’t always clear, Lt. Holly Short was called to be a chaplain in the United States Navy. Currently stationed at the United States Naval Academy as the First Battalion Chaplain, Holly is a Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer and has been serving as a Navy chaplain for eight years.

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE: A GRADUATION 31 YEARS IN THE MAKING At the age of 52, Mark Macri graduated from Southeastern and received a bachelor’s degree that he had first begun over 30 years ago. With the help of SEU’s Finish Line program, Mark proved that it’s never too late to pursue a degree.

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Winter 2022


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James Powell, Brittany Powell, Lexi, Devon Ford, Joseph Lamb, Holly Short, Mark Macri


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