Date of Award

Fall 12-9-2014

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Term Paper

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College of Christian Ministries and Religion

Primary Advisor

Dr. Robert Houlihan


Isaiah 61:1-7 is a passage that is important to both the Jewish and Christian faiths due to the clear Messianic implications that it contains. The first two verses are especially familiar to the Christian community due to its quotation by Jesus in Luke 4:18-19 as one of only three direct quotes of the Old Testament made by Jesus in Luke’s Gospel. Isaiah 61:1-7 prophecies on Judah’s upcoming destruction, exile, and ultimate Messianic deliverance, containing references to both the near and distant future; all of these conditions must be considered when approaching this passage in order to arrive at an accurate understanding of its original meaning. While Jesus’ ministry is sometimes presented in Christendom almost exclusively as a means to allow fallen man to escape hell and enter heaven, the Bible presents a much more holistic view of Jesus’ ministry in which he was concerned not only with future eternal realities but also the needs that people had in the here and now. Isaiah 61:1 - 7 has been noted as one of the marquee Old Testament prophecies supporting such a holistic view of Jesus’ ministry.


BIBL 5233 Biblical Exposition and Faith Integration