Where the Spirit Leads: Towards a Practical Theology of a Spirit-Led Ministry Praxis

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Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML)


College of Christian Ministries and Religion


Department of Christian Ministries and Religion

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Brian M. Kelly Ph.D.


Using a practical theology schema, this thesis studies the manner in which the Pentecostal practice of Spirit-led ministry is essential and useful for local churches to understand and embrace their distinct role and effectiveness in ministry. The outcome of Spirit-led ministry praxis, based on the Scriptures and contemporary scholarship, should be characterized by the following: the extension of the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit's guidance and empowerment, and the redemptive and reconciling work of Christ. This ministry praxis will result in unique and innovative ministries that address the brokenness of God's creation and work with the Spirit to bring restoration. Ordained clergy, lay leaders, parachurch leaders, educators, theologians, and others concerned with the topic of Spirit-led ministry would find this work helpful.


Author birth year: 1990

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