Missional Incarnational Impulses and Christian College and University Students

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Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML)


College of Christian Ministries and Religion


Department of Christian Ministries and Religion

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Sam Hemby, Ph.D.


The understanding of missions has continued to transform over time and today the idea of mission is seeking a new definition. In the 21st century missions caused a shift in Christian Colleges and Universities. Christian College and University students are not just being trained to enter into church ministry but they are training to become lawyers, doctors, politicians, college professors, businesspeople, and even serve in the armed forces empowered by the idea that their motivation is a sending by God. "Many students are searching for more than a job, career, or money." Ultimately a missional incarnational impact seeks a global understanding that is fueled with devotion and care for God's creation and his word. Christian college and university students are seeking the integration of missio dei and their vocation. Ignited by the transformational power of the incarnation their lives are filled with an impulse to carry out the mission of God in their world.

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