The Perseverant Minister

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Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML)


College of Christian Ministries and Religion


Department of Christian Ministries and Religion

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Brian M. Kelly Ph.D.


Peter must have felt incredibly honored to be called by Jesus to follow him and become a fisher of men. There were thousands of other men in the area who might have seemed more qualified than him to be a student of the great teacher, but he was one of the few who was handpicked. This was grace. It was a gift to him, and it is a gift to all who have been called since, by the master, to help him spread the Kingdom of God.

This grace, however, has been underappreciated by millions. In certain cases, the call to minister has been used as a method of gaining distinction for one's self, or a way to lend backing to less significant movements than Christ's. Some ministers simply find the call to minister with Jesus too strenuous to continue in as the years go by, and so they fall into a temptation. There are hundreds of ways that a minister can be taken out, or burn out, and only a few biblical ways to remain faithful and persevere....

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