An Analysis of the Causes of Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia and Some Possible Solutions to the Dilemma

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Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML)


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Brian M. Kelly Ph.D.


Sex trafficking begins and ends with demand. Millions of women and children are trapped in sexual slavery because of men's unsatiable [sic] desire for sex. Yet if there were no demand for sex, then there would be no supply. While important, focusing solely on the supply side of the issue will not eliminate this problem. The fact of the matter is, men choose to buy sex. Yet so many of the women they are purchasing are not choosing to be there out of their own free will. One of the most effective ways is to reach men around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If their lives are transformed, they will be less likely to engage in commercial sex. Harsher penalties for consumers and traffickers could also help the demand be reduced. Education for current demanders of the realities prostitutes face day in and day out could also make an impact on their decision to buy a prostitute. One of the most effective ways to focus on the possible future demanders. Spending time educating and reaching them could make a significant impact on the demand for paid sex in the future....

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