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Flight training is costly and workload intensive. According to a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, the US Navy and US Air Force predict a 25% shortage of fighter pilots by 2023 (GAO, 2018). The military needs empirical research to determine the effectiveness of flight simulation training and whether simulation training can decrease the overall training time for student pilots. The purpose of this study was to compare intermediate and advanced military student pilots’ scores on the T-45C OFT simulator training events and scores on the T-45C aircraft training events in four training domains; the intervention in this study included debriefs by flight instructors after simulator training. Significant differences between pre- and post-tests were observed in contact training of intermediate trainees (p < .001; d = 0.54); instrument training of intermediate and advanced trainees (p < .001; d = 0.19); tactical training of intermediate and advanced trainees (p