Date of Award

Spring 2018

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Primary Advisor

Dr. Berhane Ghaim


The purpose of this thesis is to follow the thread of Alan Turing’s ideas throughout his decades of research and analyze how his predictions have come to fruition over the years. Turing’s Computing Machinery and Intelligence is the paper in which the Turing Test is described as an alternative way to answer the question “can machines think?” (Turing 433). Since the development of Turing’s original paper, there has been a tremendous amount of advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. The field has made its way into art classification as well as the medical industry. The main concept researched in this analysis focuses on whether or not a machine exists that has passed the Turing Test. Should it be determined that a machine has indeed passed this test, it is important to discuss what the ethical implications of this accomplishment entail. Turing’s paper, while raising great controversy regarding its ethical implications, proves to offer significant contribution to the field of artificial intelligence and technology.