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Dr. Charlie Dawes


There is something happening in the chapel services of Southeastern University, the largest Assemblies of God university in America. The question is, is it orthopathy? The goal of this thesis is to determine if 1st Chapel consistently provides the space for students to be engaged in Orthopathy in such a way that their affections are changed from egocentricism to theocentrism. To prove this, the first goal will be to establish what Orthopathy is both historically and theologically, something which has never been fully accomplished in the academic world. This will include defining what a proper transformational experience with the Holy Ghost looks like, and proving how this alone is what produces Orthopathy. I will then build off of these definitions to conduct studies, both qualitative and quantitative, on 1st Chapel. The goal is to discover both when and how students have an encounter with the Holy Ghost that develops Orthopathy. The methodology of the thesis will follow the methodology of Practical Theology…