Date of Award

Fall 11-2017

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Dr. John David Royer


Small businesses are crucial components for not only the US economy but for economies around the world. Many of the firms struggle to stay in business and do not perform effectively and profitably, especially in the marketing aspects of business. The marketing strategies that larger organizations use do not necessarily work the best for small businesses. Therefore, small businesses are mostly conducting basic marketing principles by practicing customer relationship management (CRM). However, many of them are not unlocking their full potential by utilizing the Internet, E-mail, database software, and other marketing technologies. Thus, this paper offers research evidence to provide help with small businesses planning on implementing those marketing technologies. A quantitative online survey approach was chosen and distributed to 300 small businesses in the Polk County, Florida area. This study found seven distinct considerations that work together to provide insight into the implementation process for those small businesses. The findings of the research also lead to the creation of a model using these considerations that encompass the benefits, obstacles, and other aspects of the implementation of marketing technology. Findings show that even though small businesses recognize the benefits of implementing marketing technology, they are hesitant because of the obstacles they may face, and the lack of marketing knowledge needed to plan the implementation process strategically.