Date of Award

Fall 11-2017

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Dr. Sarah Yates


This thesis gathers the research necessary to understand the impact art, a healthy community, and nurturing relationships can have on the life of an inner city child. The many factors that serve as the foundation of a certain lifestyle can be the very factors that make or break a child’s opportunity for success. The inner city child may lack a healthy community, intentional relationships, and an effective system to release frustrations. Art has been utilized time and time again to direct the urban population towards healthy forms of self expression. Previous examples of successful art programs will be surveyed as well as a possible steps and elements to add for further improvement to these intervention programs. Throughout the entirety of research, the elements that have catered to the downfall of urban youth have shown to be the elements that can also contribute to their personal growth and success, when healthier alternatives are given. A tainted community is not nearly as beneficial as one that encourages troubled youth to succeed. An abusive relationship is not effective for fulfilling a being’s need for love; however, when the relationship is nurturing and individualized, there can be great outcomes for the impacted child. Lastly, art has been proven as a highly effective intervention strategy to help relieve tension and promote healthy forms of expression and coping.