Date of Award

Fall 11-2016

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Primary Advisor

Dr. Todd Schraw


Breast cancer is responsible for 12% of cancer diagnoses each year, and it is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality in women worldwide. Current treatments have provided some success in combatting the disease but are not considered a final solution. The framework for how researchers approach cancer has continued to change, and this includes the introduction of oncolytic viruses as novel therapeutics for cancer. The rodent parvovirus H-1 has shown strong potential in clinical and subclinical trials, but its S phase dependency limits its usefulness against cancer stem cell populations. Tien Hsien Liquid is commerically available, nontoxic, and has shown selectiveness for cancer stem cells as well as additional oncosuppressive properties. Because of their unique characteristics, there is evidence that the rodent parvovirus H-1 and Tien Hsien Liquid have potential as a novel treatment in combination for breast cancer.