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Dr. Beth Leslie

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Dr. Gordon Miller


Academic research shows that extroverts are generally seen as more productive and

effective leaders than their introvert counterparts because they possess the characteristics our society has so often revered (Grant, Gino, & Hofmann, 2009). With the rise of the “extrovert ideal” throughout our society, introverts are left wondering what role they play when it comes to leadership (Cain, 2013). Through examples of four successful introvert leaders (Susan Cain, Warren Buffett, Laura Bush, and Bill Gates), it can be derived that it is not the personality that makes the leader but, rather, the passion, drive, and self-actualization of the individual. With greater emphasis on education, development, and training when it comes to utilizing one’s strengths innately within one’s personality, the potential of introverts, often hidden by shame, remorse, and feelings of inadequacy, will no longer go untapped.