Date of Award

Winter 2015

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Linda Bowlin, EdD


Juvenile delinquency is a prevalent problem in the United States and the rest of the world, which many behavioral reform programs have failed to effectively eliminate. While it is highly improbable that delinquency will ever be fully eliminated, there are ways to ensure that current or new programs are successful in lowering the level and degree of delinquency worldwide. The purpose of this research is to find exactly what leads a child to deviate from societal norms and to eventually turn to criminal acts. The research is also to evaluate what program components are necessary to most effectively help delinquent children, and the potential for a form of martial arts, Aikido, to have a positive impact on a juvenile’s behavior. This paper discusses the major root causes of juvenile delinquency through examining, comparing, and contrasting the findings in previous research materials. It also describes and breaks down the programs that have been proven to be effective, harmful, or simply a waste of time.