Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type



Jannetides College of Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership

Primary Advisor

Dr. Timothy Welch


Young women are the fastest-growing portion of the juvenile justice system population. Girls experience risk factors at higher rates than boys, exhibit mental health issues at higher rates than boys, suffer more negative consequences from justice system involvement than system-involved boys, and are less likely to access treatment than boys. Girls are also more likely to become involved with the justice system for minor offenses such as running away or skipping school. In particular, young women of color receive unfair treatment than their counterparts. Girls of color are disadvantaged and treated differently within both the juvenile and criminal justice systems than other youths. Through an integrative review of literature, this thesis explores the reasons for this treatment along with risk factors that can lead youth into justice system involvement and the differences in the treatment of juveniles between juvenile and adult residential placement, particularly through the experience of female minority youth. This thesis also proposes solutions for interventions that aim to close the disparities in the treatment of these youth before, during, and after justice system involvement.