Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type



Barnett College of Ministry & Theology

Primary Advisor

Dr. Joseph Davis


This paper examines the scope of Apologetics. It argues for the need of a nuanced, holistic form of Apologetics that incorporates a vast array of forms of persuasion that may be used by the Holy Spirit to show a nonbeliever the truth of the Gospel and the necessity to trust in Jesus. It records data from a quantitative study which investigated the personal faith journeys of disciples of Christ and the factors which helped to persuade them of the truth of the Gospel and to submit to the leadership of Jesus. This thesis proposes that the common evangelical understanding of the scope of Apologetics is too narrow and should be expanded to include other forms of valid persuasion. It proposes a nuanced definition of Apologetics: the art and science of offering valid forms of persuasion for the truth of Christianity which the Holy Spirit may use to reveal the truth of the Gospel to unbelievers.