Date of Award

Fall 2022

Document Type



College of Natural and Health Sciences

Primary Advisor

Dr. Jeremy Denton


Students all over the world are developing negative perceptions of the subject of mathematics and shying away from careers in the field of math as a result. The purpose of this study was to determine how various factors, such as students’ personalities, upbringings, and experiences with online learning, affected their perceptions of math and resulting career choices. A survey asking participants about these factors in relation to their perceptions of math was sent out through email to Southeastern University (SEU) undergraduate students and math professors. The survey received 200 responses with 194 of them being Southeastern University undergraduate students and the other six being either SEU math professors or graduate students. Study data were analyzed in a preliminary, descriptive statistical manner, and descriptive and inferential statistical techniques were used to address the study’s research questions. The results of the study indicated that students were most likely to enjoy mathematics and pursue careers in this field when they had high math self-efficacy beliefs, low math anxiety, perfectionistic or analytical tendencies, effective math teachers whom they had positive relationships with, and supportive parents who expressed the importance of math to their children.