Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type



Barnett College of Ministry & Theology

Primary Advisor

Dr. Alan J. Ehler


This thesis demonstrates the harmful effects that pornography has on men’s perceptions of and interactions with women. The Literature Review examines the current research that illustrate pornography’s negative impacts on men’s perceptions and expectations of women. Common themes occur throughout the literature that reveal how men’s shifting mindsets due to pornography consumption affects how they socialize with women and how their romantic relationships are harmed. Additionally, the thesis discusses the content of pornography and how pornography’s aggressive and violent material may influence men’s sexual attitudes and expectations. There is also the acknowledgement of literature that supports and advocates for pornography consumption. The study conducted supports the divisive nature of the current literature and ultimately affirms pornography’s negative impacts from the perspectives of both males and females. The results of this mixed-methods study asserts that pornography consumption is harmful to interpersonal relationships and damages both the user and those close to them.