Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type



College of Arts and Media

Primary Advisor

Dr. Adrienne Garvey


This study examines the perceptions of creative professionals working in ministry. A “creative” is defined as anyone whose job relies on their ability to create and innovate, and the focus of this research is on creatives that serve in church environments where their creativity and spirituality are intertwined with their work. A quantitative research approach was designed to study the creative’s perception on six key-areas of their work/life balance. The resulting survey was administered online to willing participants who identified themselves as creative professionals in ministry. The data found that found that the creative's perception of their organization as "stifling their creativity" was a statistically significant predictor of a decline in job satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment, and predicted an increased likelihood job-related stress, feeling emotionally drained due to work, and of spiritual burnout as a result of working in ministry. The findings are discussed in depth in the final chapter.