Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type



Barnett College of Ministry & Theology

Primary Advisor

Dr. Daniel McNaughton


Loneliness is the most common shared experience. With Generation Alpha already predicted to be the loneliest and most anxious generation of all time, it is more important than ever for next-generation ministry leaders to step ahead of the trend of loneliness and establish effective discipleship systems within their ministry. This study explores to what level people are experiencing loneliness on a daily basis and how their church involvement impacts said loneliness. The church is good at offering large group and small group connections for individuals, but most participants said their church does not offer mentorship opportunities, neglecting the vital intimate dimension of connection Dr. Vivek Murthy discusses. This study proposes a youth leader training manual for churches to implement to make sure each student is able to have a one-on-one coaching relationship with their leader.