Date of Award

Spring 2020

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College of Arts and Media

Primary Advisor

Dr. Linda Linzey

Second Advisor

Professor Amy Beatty


Removing material due to controversial content has been a common practice for much of recorded history. This action is often done in concern for the psychological and emotional well-being of viewers, especially if these viewers include children. However, this does not necessarily mean this practice is always warranted. Many researchers have studied this topic as well as its effects, expanses, and connections to religion. Research shows that exposure to certain material can potentially cause changed behavior in individuals who do not possess the maturity needed to process them effectively. Individuals who are more mature or emotionally stable show no lasting impacts when exposed to controversial content. Additionally, the Bible encourages Christians to exercise caution regarding what they expose themselves to. New research was conducted in an effort to compare the opinions of Christian parents and Christian college students. This study concluded that the majority of both populations believed in the importance of protecting children through censorship. These populations differed in their opinions regarding the extent and severity of which censorship should be practiced in the lives of average people