Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Dr. Mark Belfast


The researcher explored existing literature on music performance anxiety (MPA) that addressed the physiological effects of MPA, its causes, and various methods of mitigating its effects. The influence of self-efficacy and cognitive factors, such as the concepts of focus-of-attention and flow, were researched as they relate to MPA. The music culture and pedagogical approach utilized in institutions providing music education may affect the levels of MPA experienced by music students. Thus, the role of the music educator in reducing MPA in students was also explored. Furthermore, there may be a need for pedagogy within music education curricula that addresses MPA during applied lessons and ensemble rehearsals. The researcher conducted a survey of undergraduate music students in a private liberal arts university in the southeastern United States. Participants completed a questionnaire regarding their musical background and levels of comfort in a variety of performing conditions. On average, the musicians were most comfortable performing in ensembles rather than as soloists, and most uncomfortable when performing in front of an audience or adjudicators.