Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Dr. Joe Davis


This thesis explores how secular entertainment can contain Christian themes and messages. Hollywood presents ideas that either agree with or contradict Christianity in the movies and shows that are produced. People need to be careful about what type of entertainment they decide to watch because they can become desensitized to graphic content. This thesis includes a selection of movies from multiple genres and the show Supernatural, and it describes the messages that are conveyed in them. Theology that comes from the Bible along with different Christian theologians, authors, and philosophers are provided to help people understand the truth of Jesus Christ versus the perceptions of God that Hollywood and popular culture often portray. When people are open to the Lord, He can reveal Himself and help them discern the truth. The Lord is supposed to be at the center of everything in people’s lives, which includes the media, and this thesis shows how it is possible for them to focus on Him through their entertainment choices.