Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Professor Wendy Barry


Parkinson’s disease has become a growing issue worldwide and has yet to be presented with a cure. Various treatment methods have been introduced that include physical exercise, genetic therapy, pharmacological treatment, and/or alternative methods. An extended literature review was conducted evaluating numerous articles and focus was given to an ongoing research project in an effort to present current information. As a result, various routes of effective treatment have been evaluated for treating Parkinson’s diseases by observing if symptoms or the progression/prevention of the disease is hindered/reduced. Thus, a summary is given concerning what methods are effective in treating the disease. Regarding the future, suggestions are given considering what can be done to improve current methods and what other opportunities may be available. In all, this thesis presents a discussion of Parkinson’s disease in terms of its history, current methods of treatment, and future studies.