Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Dr. Joe Davis


This paper will present the coherency of Reformed Christian theism’s presuppositional epistemology. It will argue for the biblical foundation of presupposing the existence and truth of God in every aspect of one’s life. This presupposition will be presented as the necessary component for interpreting the revelation of God correctly and righteously. This presupposition is vital, as it acknowledges Christ as sovereign over the realm of thought. Indeed, from the Reformed Christian theistic perspective, understanding reason presuppositionally from Scripture is the only way to reason which is honoring to God. It claims any lack of acknowledgement of and submission to Jesus Christ, even in one’s thought, as sinful repression of the truth. Hence, epistemology from the presuppositional perspective will be surveyed and presented as the coherent and biblical approach to the theory of knowledge, within this paper.