Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Bethany D. Peters, PhD


The DSL Capstone chosen was the new business development project. The company created was home-based and online coaching and consulting company designed for Christian leaders. The company provides a psychologically safe environment where Christian leaders can enhance their leadership skills, increase self-awareness and confidence, gain clarity and broaden their perspective to conquer life, ministry, and work challenges through a coach approach and leadership consulting. The business name is LSC Coaching and Consulting, LLC. The coaching services are Christian Leadership and Christian Spiritual Formation and Health. The consulting aspect of LSC provides seminars and workshops on Leadership Development. The framework utilized to undergird the services are Biblical-based principles, Transformational Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence. The student executed the project in three phases.

The first phase entailed the development of a traditional business plan which included the following: Executive summary, mission and vision statement, product and service description, marketing plan, industry analysis, competitive analysis, sales, and marketing plan, website plan, operational plan, management team, and financial plan. Next, the student researched competitors’ websites throughout Alabama and surrounding states to understand competitors’ niches, offerings, and pricing. After completing the business plan, the student obtained a Limited Liability Company certificate and city and state business licenses and fulfilled federal requirements. The second phase was the development of a company’s website. The WIX website builder platform business basic plan version and the domain name ( were purchased, followed by the design process and content creation of each visible page (Home, About, Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, and Contact) and hidden pages. The invisible pages ensured the proper function of booking, payment processes, and inquiry forms. The LSC Coaching and Consulting, LLC was launched after the second phase. The final stage was an after-action report that included (1) business overview, (2) analysis of business plan progress, (3) recommendation for future improvement, (4) improvement plan, and (5) conclusion. Future improvements included: further market research with Christian leaders to gain a greater perspective of pain points by facilitating ten 20–30-minute phone calls. Second, develop an online training course to raise awareness and increase business profitability. Third, create an online community where clients can request prayer and support. And lastly, develop a blog page centered around Christian leadership and Spiritual Formation.