Date of Award

Summer 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Joshua D. Henson, PhD


This project established the groundwork for a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business to provide organizational and leadership consulting. The consulting business is called the Signet Leader Institute. To meet the program requirements, this project endeavored to develop the initial curriculum as a web-based leader development program with the business establishment occurring after the completion of the doctoral capstone project.

The mission of the Signet Leader Institute is to grow leaders and followers to leave a lasting mark on organizations just as a signet ring represents an empowered seal of a leader. The vision of the Signet Leader Institute is to empower legacy-change on organizations through improving leaders and followers. The intent in developing this program is to provide scholarship-based training to corporate, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations with a focus on leaders. This leader development program includes 12 modules with scholarly content documents and video recorded presentations.

The leadership development curriculum consists of three phases with four modules each. The intent of each phase is to focus on leadership frameworks, organizational issues, and means for individual development, respectively. Each module consists of a scholarly content document as the primary source of instruction, an empirically validated instrument for assessment, and supporting video instruction for each segment within a module. The three phases and modules are as follows:

Phase 1—Focus on the Leader

1. Leadership vs. Management

2. Servant Leadership

3. Authentic Leadership

4. Transformational Leadership

Phase 2—Focus on Organizations

5. Organizational Culture

6. Organizational Change

7. Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

8. Conflict Resolution

Phase 3—Focus on Development

9. Influence and Motivation

10. Executive & Subordinate Coaching

11. Leadership Ethics

12. Followership

This project is the initial offering from the Signet Leader Institute. The intent for future offerings includes tailoring of the modules for specific applications such as a condensed curriculum, symposium presentation, or leader development events.