Date of Award

Summer 7-7-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Joshua Henson

Second Advisor

Dr. Emile Hawkins


Experiences are a powerful influence on future decisions. A person can learn from an experience and correct or change their behavior based on their experience. Others may not exercise insight from an experience and repeat behavior which may lead to more devastating experiences. Get Off the Fence is a book about a personal experience of surrendering to God through a journey of poor decisions and choices. The devious weapons of the enemy, such as pride, shame, and selfishness, penetrate a life rooted in Christ, and the results from these attacks lead to severe consequences threatening relationships, freedom, and life. GOF explores the battle of the heart and minds when the enemy is given room to attack. A sense that knows what is right but gives way to the prideful and selfish desires of the heart because it is infected with shame. The consequences are negative concerning relationships, legal issues, business position, and the vulnerability of life overall. At the book's climatic point, a victorious moment of complete surrender highlights an immediate transformation and change of result in relationships, life, and a focus on receiving the fullness of God. In one moment, the heart and mind align because the love and grace of God are experienced and understood. GOF continues from this moment and highlights God's peace, victory, and reception, in His fullest, that God intends for our lives as Christians. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) refers to a person's capacity to effectively process and regulate emotional information. GOF articulates real-world examples of EQ at the lowest levels, strong levels, and EQ balanced with spirituality. Throughout the book, EQ is emphasized as an application to leadership after each chapter. GOF is a real testimonial experience showing the devastation of ignored EQ, the power we can allow the enemy to have in our lives, and the consequences that follow these behaviors and actions. Through the thrill of this book, you will also witness God's overwhelming deliverance, grace, and love, the alignment of a heart and mind with God's purpose, and an example of living a blessed life through receiving what God intends.