Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL)



First Advisor

Joshua D. Henson, PhD


Experiences are powerful antecedents to perceptions and behaviors; their

consequences evident in self-leadership and leadership of others. Accordingly, authentic vulnerability and the courage to examine the sources of behavior, acknowledge the product of wounds, and pursue healing are paramount. Through healing, wounds that are conduits to ineffective leadership transform to scars of victory, propagating wholeness and effective leadership. Indeed, effective leadership requires a lifelong transformational journey to influence self and others positively.

Owning My Scars: A Transformational Journey to Effective Leadership authentically chronicles experiences of sexual assault, sexual abuse, homelessness, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. The captivating personal narrative is a testament to the power of God in delivering and healing, and in working things out for good. The author revisits the transformational process, delineating the purpose produced by pain, and accentuating developed and refined leadership characteristics and approaches. Each chapter is an evolutionary milestone and includes supporting concepts based on scholarly and practical contributions. The book provides strategies and empowerment to live authentically and embrace exploration, discovery, awareness, acceptance, and to actuate.

Owning My Scars: A Transformational Journey to Effective Leadership is possibly one of the most unconventional books about leadership. However, it is highly essential, because it engenders a wonderful exchange from brokenness and ineffective leadership to wholeness and effective leadership. If you are walking through the fire; if you are ready to trade ashes for beauty and despair for praise; if you cannot envision yourself beyond the mental and physical pain or other experiences; and if you are wondering whether good could emanate from your past, this book is for you. Finally, if you were waiting for a sign to embark on change, this is it! Begin this journey, become a phenomenal leader, and lead others phenomenally!