Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Barnett College of Ministry & Theology


Department of Christian Ministries and Religion

Primary Advisor

Dr. Daniel McNaughton

Second Advisor

Dr. Mike McCrary

Third Advisor

Dr. Jim Vigil


Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19 leaves no room for interpretation. The role of the followers of Jesus and of the church is decidedly clear. We are called to make disciples of all nations. An honest assessment of my local ministry context, Access Church, reveals that we, as a church, have fallen short of Jesus’ Great Commission. The intention of this research project is to understand the biblical mandate to make disciples as taught throughout Scripture, study Jesus’ discipleship methods in the book of Matthew, and, ultimately, create a new rubric to help Access Church—and other churches—understand how to measure its effectiveness. Chapter One is an overview of the entire project and research plan. Chapter Two provides a theological framework and current literature review on discipleship. Chapter Three is an in-depth look at the cross-sectional quantitative methodology and survey used to research Access Church members. Chapter Four provides a detailed look at the survey results and growth. Chapter Five presents a conclusion, contextual changes we are making at Access Church, and suggestions for churches who want to multiply in discipleship in a way that is healthy and sustainable.