Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Barnett College of Ministry & Theology


Department of Christian Ministries and Religion

Primary Advisor

Dr. Deedra Shilliday

Second Advisor

Dr. Lois Olena

Third Advisor

Dr. Jim P. Vigil


While the Assemblies of God (AG) endorses women in ministry through its position paper and bylaws, a dichotomy has existed between its egalitarian theology and practice since its inception in 1914. One key to narrowing such a gap involves intentional and countercultural male leaders who actively train, empower, affirm, and mentor women called to ministerial leadership. This research defines biblical egalitarian leadership, identifies exemplary female leaders and their male champions in the Old and New Testaments, and explores the best practices of male allyship for female leaders through a literature review and a qualitative survey of active AG male allies or advocates. This research sought to provide a solution to the perpetuating problem of gender disparity in the male-centric leadership culture of the AG. The study also identified the common characteristics of a likely male champion: a male district/network leader or local pastor in the age groups of 50s or 60s with a graduate or post-graduate degree, who is married to a working wife outside the home. As a result of this research, a podcast series was created to resource aspiring male ministers, who desire to embrace their God-given responsibility to help advance called and qualified women into higher leadership.