Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


College of Education

Primary Advisor

Dr. Amy Bratten

Second Advisor

Dr. Thomas Gollery

Third Advisor

Dr. Karen Ingle


The purpose of this study was to learn what the spiritual formation process is for a student in a Christian higher education institution. In order for a Christian university to help develop a student spiritually, the university must know where the students perceive themselves spiritually upon entering their first year. The data collection instrument used was a survey. The survey was distributed to freshmen students who were entering into their first year of college. There were 704 students enrolled into the first-year course, and during their third week of class, the survey was distributed electronically via email. Of the 704 freshman students, 377 students completed the survey. The survey asked the students questions regarding their spirituality. Survey results were reported anonymously. Analysis of the survey data was completed and used in the results portion of this study. The major finding for the study was that students most enjoy doing daily devotions to better their relationship with the Lord, although many neglect to carve out the time to do so. Additionally, students expressed their desire to figure out what the Lord’s purpose for their lives was.