Date of Award

Spring 2021

Document Type

Term Paper


School of Unrestricted Education

Primary Advisor

Professor Samantha Webb


Generosity is a vague term and can mean a variety of different things across different cultures and generations. This essay seeks to delve deeper into what generosity really is. A few different definitions are presented and synthesized. Following that is a discussion of how generosity’s root is found in religion. This claim is based on scientific research and is not exclusive of any religion. Because of this connection, generosity is not contingent on material wealth and can still be expressed even amidst poverty. Generosity is also found to have a direct correlation with mental and physical health based on scientific research as well. This relationship has major implications for today’s society as mental and physical illnesses are becoming more and more common. Ultimately, generosity makes a massive impact on a community and therefore should be a daily practice.